Business Practices

I am glad you are here and have chosen a holistic approach to your well-being. Many services are offered depending on your needs and goals. The following will offer some guidance on services and business practices.

The Goal:
We are in a partnership and I will do my best to assist you reaching your goal. An overall goal for your session is to partner with you to ease pain, restrictions, or limitations; inviting empowerment, relaxation, self-awareness and more well-being. In releasing pain, restrictions and limitations, it is my hope that you will be free to live life more fully with joy and ease. Tools address these limitations in body, mind and Spirit.

The Approach:

The approach will always be holistic in nature. The approach is mind-body-spirit directed, although the modality may vary. You are a unique individual with an individual history, and potential. Each session is a blend of modalities arising from training in a variety of Western and Eastern mind-body-spirit and tailored to your individual needs or request.

There are many methods used to release pain, restrictions and limitations, and promote well-being. The services that I offer represent only a small portion of the wealth of modalities available that explore and promote well-being for body mind and spirit. I encourage you to explore and discover which modalities are right for you.

Basic fee structure: Payment is due at time of service.  Check or charge accepted. Receipts are available on request and will be emailed. (Cash is fine too, please bring exact amount as I do not keep cash in the office to make change.)

Fees- fee for Individual service –

  • Hour session $85-90
  • Extended sessions for Process Acupressure and First time intakes  $130-135
  • Healthy Habits discount receive a 5th at no charge after 4 visits in 4 months
    I do not accept or file insurance forms.

I will cancel if I am injured or ill, as I wish to continue to provide quality services and not share
anything contagious. Please forgive any short notice.

Cancellations Please stay home and allow your body to rest and recover if you are newly ill and
unsure if you are contagious. Feel free to call me if you have questions as to whether it is prudent
for you to receive work. Even too much of a good thing is not good sometimes. Short notice
cancelation is perfectly understandable in this situation. For all other cancellations, please give
24 hour notice if possible.

Late or no show arrivals are to be kept to an absolute minimum. I understand that sometimes it is unavoidable, we are all human and circumstances do arise. Please call as soon as you know there may be an issue. If ‘no shows’ happen frequently; I reserve the right to charge for a missed session, however I do not expect this to be much of an issue. Most clients are quite courteous in this regard. Thank you in advance.

Termination of services:
Services are offered at your request. You may discontinue at any time you deem necessary.
Therapeutic treatment is terminated when treatment is not needed, ineffective or contraindicated.
At that time clients may choose to receive services on a non-treatment (wellness) basis as